We Don’t Have Any Confidence In The Courts – George Opare Addo On 2024 Elections

The National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo, has declared that the party lacks trust in the judicial system as it prepares for the 2024 elections.

He emphasised that the NDC's focus would be on securing votes at the polling stations rather than relying on the courts.

Opare Addo's comments come in response to a warning from Interior Minister Henry Quartey regarding violent and inciting comments ahead of the elections.

Speaking in an interview on Neat FM on April 17, 2024, he criticised the minister, stating that he should advise his own party members, as they are the ones making inappropriate remarks.

"If he is giving any form of advice, he should advise his own party members because they are saying things that are not appropriate. They are saying they won't hand over power; the NDC can't win power.

"He should tell Jean Mensa to do things right at the Electoral Commission because no NDC member has gone to say any violent-inciting comments. All the people who have said such things are his own party people, so he should advise them," he said.

He emphasised that while the party would ensure that the right things were done, it would not allow anyone to cheat them.

"We are a law-abiding political party; we will do the right things, but we won't allow anybody to cheat us.

"We will make sure the right things are done, and this time around, we have said that we don't have any belief and confidence in the court, [so] we will display results at the polling station; we will make sure we secure the ballots at the polling station," he added.