I Never Went For My BECE Result– Obaapa Christy

Gospel sensation, Obaapa Christy, has revealed an unconventional aspect of her educational journey, disclosing that she never collected her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) result.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning with Roselyn Felli, Obaapa Christy explained that she had a premonition she wouldn’t pass all the subjects, leading her to opt out of receiving her result.

“I reached JHS, but it’s not that I stopped; I wrote BECE, but I didn’t go for the result,” she shared.

When pressed if she passed, Obaapa replied, “I didn’t even go for it to see whether I passed or not because I foresaw that I wouldn’t pass.”

Despite her lack of interest in academics, Obaapa emphasized that she engaged in other activities at school, such as singing and praying, which she found more enjoyable. Reflecting on her school days, she admitted to disliking studies and dictation sessions.

However, Obaapa Christy acknowledged that she could have excelled academically if she had applied herself differently. Nonetheless, she stands by her belief that formal education isn’t the sole path to success, emphasizing the importance of God’s grace in her life.

“My success is based on the grace of God that located me, and so I don’t joke with such grace,” she affirmed, highlighting her reliance on divine blessings rather than conventional educational achievements.