I Kept My Marriage From Public Eye To Protect My Wife - Foster Romanus

Ghanaian comedian Foster Romanus disclosed that he deliberately kept his marriage out of the public eye to shield his wife from potential disrespect and undue scrutiny.

He explained that public figures often face judgment and intrusion into their personal lives, and he wanted to spare his wife from such negative attention.

By opting for a private ceremony, Romanus aimed to safeguard his wife's well-being and preserve the intimacy of their relationship away from public scrutiny.

"Because of the attention that it comes with, and then I’ve seen a couple of weddings where people tend to disrespect your choice. The person you think is best for you then that person thinks what is wrong with you? Why this choice? I didn’t want my wife to go through that," he shared with Nartey, shared in a recent interview with actor and filmmaker Eddie Nartey.