Beyonce Near Naked...PHOTOS/VIDEO

Beyonce released a saucy photo on Instagram as she announced her two new singles. The singer announced the second album in her Renaissance trilogy will be released on 29 March, in surprise news that came during the 58th Super Bowl, and was accompanied by two new singles.  

The two new singles, Texas Hold Em and 16 Carriages indicate that “Act II” will be a country-themed accompaniment to the 2022 Renaissance.The surprise songs were dropped after a teaser during the Super Bowl, as part of a Verizon ad campaign. 

In the ad, Beyoncé was shown trying unsuccessfully to break the internet via a series of stunts before proclaiming: “OK, they ready. Drop the new music.”  

Shortly after the ad was broadcast, a new clip was posted to Beyoncé’s Instagram, teasing the single Texas Hold Em and promising “Act II” will drop on 29 March. 

See below.