Woman Shows Off Her Two Husbands And Their Kids...

An American woman, Passion Jones has caused a ruckus online after she showed off her two husbands and the sons she has with each of them in a family portrait for Thanksgiving.

The woman is quite famous on social media and is on Instagram as passionjonesz12 where she is an influencer for many brands.

She is an advocate of Polyamory and her marriage to both husbands is a testament to this.

The 31-year-old woman got married at 20 to her first husband and only began her polyamorous relationship when she was 30 years old.

She confessed in the Podcast they do together as a Polyamorous couple that she had no idea she would ever want to get married to two men but now she loves it.

Her first husband with whom she has two children together claims he was not forced to do it neither is he jealous as he enjoys the experience.

Her second and most recent husband whom she just had a baby is quite young and very comfortable with the marriage.

The husbands say they take turns in getting her pregnant, that way, they know who the father of the child is.