Osebo Begs Ajagurajah To Continue Social Media Fashion 'Beef'

Ghanaian social media influencer and entrepreneur, Richard Brown, famous as ‘Osebo the Zaraman’, who has become popular with his fashion style has made a passionate appeal to the controversial spiritual leader, Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah also known as Ajagurajah, to continue their fashion beef.

Osebo the Zaraman and Ajagurajah, leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach otherwise known as Ajagurajah Movement, have received attention on social media following their fashion beef and competition.

Whereas Osebo the Zaraman has gained notoriety for his sense of fashion and claims to be a fashion messiah in Ghana with a tagline “fashion is a calculation” as well as “combination is a calculation”, Ajagurajah appeared ready to wrestle the title from Osebo.

With the battle lines drawn, Ajagurajah engaged Osebo in a fierce fashion battle on social media, showing different photos of his fashion styles.

The two social media influencers managed to woo many to their side, as they shared their photos on social media.

As the beef gathered momentum, Ajagurajah, hopeful of winning the battle admonished Osebo to apologise to him for engaging him in the fashion battle so that he will end the war and promised that if Osebo fails to do so, he will show him fashion styles he has never seen before to silence him.

However, Osebo, knowing his strength in fashion called the bluff of Ajagurajah and also served notice to totally destroy all the arsenals of Ajaguarajah in the beef.

Unfortunately, as netizens cheered their favourite fashion king, Ajagurajah on Friday morning, March 24, 2023, threw in the towel and thanked all his fans for their support thus far.

He said he will concentrate on his spiritual work and leave the fashion territory to Osebo, who is a don in the field.

Osebo, who appeared to be enjoying the beef, is however, urging Ajagurajah to come back to continue with the beef since it was entertaining.

He posted on social media: “We can’t stop this entertainment…please come back and let’s continue. Please, I beg you in the name of God.”