All Porn Is Harmful... It Should Be Banned - With Long Prison Sentences...

Parents in particular will have been shocked and deeply worried by the details of children’s exposure to online pornography, revealed this week in a new report by the Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza. 

One in ten have viewed porn by the age of nine; more than a quarter by the age of 11. Nearly half of 13-year-olds have seen it. More than four in ten 16 to 21-year-olds believe girls enjoy being slapped and strangled during sex. 

Parents like the idea of their children having a mobile phone so they are able to contact them to check they are safe. How ironic, then, that it’s through their mobiles that most children access porn. Simply type ‘sex’ or ‘porn’ into the browser and you are bombarded by unimaginably horrific videos of men doing vile things to women, with little or no control over the age of the viewer and no demand for any payment.