Diana Asamoah Shows Off Soon To Be Husband

Ghanaian Gospel musician Diana Asamoah who has been making the news in recent times has taken to social media to show off her new man which she claims is her husband.

In recent times, the action of the Gospel musician has got many people angry and wondering if she is the Diana Asamoah of 15 years ago stating that this new Diana is something else.

Weeks ago, she was dropped off her record label because they claimed she has breached her contract several times.

Well, despite the sacking from the record label, Diana is currently having a good time in Israel and has decided to tell Ghanaians and fans what the lord has done in her life.

In a video shared on social media, she indicated that before travelling out of the country, she prayed to God to provide her with a husband and that prayer has been answered.Many fans and followers believe the musician is just joking with her proclamation looking at the look on the Israeli’s face.

Watch the video below:




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