Seth Terkper Is Evil - Jakpa Cries In Court

In a dramatic turn of events within the ongoing ambulance trial, explosive revelations emerged as Richard Jakpa took the stand and unleashed scathing accusations against former Finance Minister Seth Terkper, leading to an unraveling of disturbing intentions towards the Attorney General (AG) Godfred Yeboah Dame .

During his cross-examination in court on Thursday, June 20, 2024, he shed light on significant details on the intricacies of the case, transforming the trial into a riveting saga of deceit and personal vendetta.

According to Jakpa, the former Finance Minister, Seth Terkper is an evil man who was against the amblance transaction from the start.

This comes after Ato Forson had earlier informed the court that his former boss (Seth Terpker) was the same person who authorised the transaction.Indeed Seth Terkper had also mounted the witness testifying for Ato Forson and Jakpa only for Jakpa to turn his gun on Terkper.

According to Jackpa the former Finance Minister never supported the ambulance transaction leading to the truncation of the deal.

He also labelled former Health Minister, Sherry Ayittey as evil for not endorsing the ambulance transaction. Sherry is not alive to defend herself as she passed away in the United States last year. Expanding on his testimonies, Jakpa launched a scathing attack on Seth Terkper, branding him as malevolent and implicating Ato Forson in unauthorized actions related to the transaction, contradicting previous assertions made in court.

Revelations surfaced regarding Jakpa’s misrepresentations about document disclosures from the prosecution, exposing inconsistencies in his claims regarding the unfolding legal process.

Discrepancies emerged upon scrutiny of statements made by Jakpa regarding assurances of exoneration from the AG, raising suspicions of intentional deception.

On the WhatsApp conversations between Jakpa and Attorney General, despite initial objections, the court ruled in favor of admitting 68 WhatsApp messages sent by Jakpa to the AG as crucial evidence for the trial, establishing their relevance and authenticity.

Shockingly, Jakpa confessed to deleting certain messages sent to the AG and orchestrating a manipulative campaign of over 60 messages urging the AG to cease prosecution against him.

In a stunning twist, it was revealed that Jakpa instigated private meetings with the AG through persistent messaging, implying a deliberate attempt to influence legal proceedings discreetly.

Contradictions arose as Jakpa failed to produce evidence confirming the AG’s compliance with arranging a meeting, casting doubt on the nature of his interactions with the authorities.

Jakpa shifted blame onto the second accused, distancing himself from allegations of causing financial loss to the State concerning the ambulance procurement debacle.