Mahama's 24-Hour Economy Is 'Copy And Paste' . . . - Kofi Tonto

Government Spokesperson, Kofi Tonto has criticized John Dramani Mahama's 24-hour economy policy he intends to implement if elected President of Ghana.

Mr. Mahama, the presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress and former President, in seeking re-election tells Ghanaians he will ensure the economy runs 24-hour services.

He explained what the policy entails in a Facebook post saying, “my objective is to create a 24-hour economy in Ghana by enabling businesses to operate in three shifts. This will help Ghana become self-sufficient and focus on export-oriented growth. To achieve this goal, the government and private sector will collaborate. The 24-hour economy is designed to create new employment opportunities, particularly for young people, address unemployment, and enhance living standards in Ghana".

He added; "My government will enact new laws to support businesses operating 24/7, including labour laws and tax incentives. To assist companies, there will be favourable tax policies, stimulus packages and financial assistance available for specific industries including agro-processing and manufacturing. Buying local products and services will be government’s top priority, and measures will be implemented to ensure the smooth operation of the 24-hour economy."

Mr. Mahama also said; "Security, sanitation, cleaning, and environmental protection will be critical components of the 24-hour economy. Financial services at the ports will be operational 24/7, reducing delays and congestion. The initiative aims to benefit various sectors, create jobs, improve living standards, increase productivity, and provide convenience for citizens."

Kofi Tonto, speaking on Peace FM's Friday's edition of "Kokrokoo" morning show, questioned Mr. Mahama and his communicators' commitment to the policy.

He noted the former President and his communicators have given no practical examples to clarify the ambiguous policy, therefore asked them what exactly they intend to do to make this 24-hour economy policy feasible.

To Kofi Tonto, Mahama and his team are only doing a "copy and paste", stressing they, themselves, are confused about the policy.

"24-hour economy is a demand-driven economy. It is common in America but there are parts of America, you will notice some activity and some parts too, everyone is asleep...It is a demand-driven policy. So, you can't just say 24-hour economy if you can't stimulate demand," he argued.

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