No More Power Interruption - Energy Minister Designate, Herbert Krapa Assures

Minister of State-designate at the Energy Ministry, Herbert Krapa, has reassured Ghanaians of the Akufo-Addo government's commitment to ensuring a reliable power supply across the country.

Speaking before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, July 9, Mr. Krapa affirmed that the stable electricity supply currently enjoyed by the nation will continue without interruptions.

Mr. Krapa highlighted the government's ongoing efforts to make substantial investments in the energy sector, emphasising that these investments enhance infrastructure and capacity to sustain a stable electricity supply.

Furthermore, he noted that electricity has been extended to previously unconnected areas under the current administration, improving accessibility to reliable power across all regions.

Addressing concerns about power outages (dumsor), Mr. Krapa assured the committee and the public that there is currently no dumsor in the country.

He emphasised that the government, through the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Energy Ministry, has a firm hold on the situation.

Mr. Krapa concluded that Ghanaians have experienced a consistent electricity supply, validating the government's efforts to ensure reliable power.

“Mr chairman, the power situation as I believe every Ghanaian can attest to, we are delivering reliable and stable power supply to all our consumers across the country.”

“The work of ECG is essentially to do that and I can assure this committee and the Ghanaian people that the challenges that we saw for the last couple of months, the ECG and the Ministry have a firm hold of the situation now and will continue to perform the function of ensuring that our consumers and customers have reliable and dependable power supply across the country,” he said.