Abuse of Police Power and Intimidation of Family Members: An Urgent Call for Justice

The Adjiringanor, East-Legon - Ashong Mlitse Family of The Odatei Tsewe-Teshie, staunch advocates for human rights and civil liberties, express deep concern over recent incidents involving the abuse of police power and intimidation of family members by influential individuals. 

These alarming events underscore the urgent need for accountability and reform within law enforcement agencies.

Speaking to the media, Isaac Anumuda, acting Secretary for the Adjiringanor Family of The Odatei Tsewe-Teshie, detailed the arrest of Nii Afotey Odai Asafoatse Akobua IV, an elder of the family, by the regional police. Following his arrest, family elders secured bail for him. 

However, upon leaving the Regional Police Headquarters, they were accused of threatening someone with death, resulting in the entire Adjiringanor elders, including a lawyer, being declared wanted.

Anumuda recounted how the elders, upon returning to the Regional Police Headquarters, were rushed to court. The police have since remanded some principal elders of the family on charges that are not supported by factual evidence. Despite previously granting bail, the police claim they need more time for investigations and have proceeded to court to remand some elders and declare others at large.

He highlighted that influential individuals in government are allegedly using the police to intimidate the Ashong Mlitse family, primarily due to land litigation. 

The family pleads with those responsible to desist immediately.

Currently, all elders in Adjiringanor have been declared wanted by the police, seemingly to prevent them from asserting their rights and living peacefully in their town. Members of the Ashong Mlitse family face rampant arrests based on unsupported charges, with individuals aged 50 to 80 being detained.

Despite the existence of a district police station in East-Legon and being under the Adentan Municipal jurisdiction, the police proceed through the regional headquarters, utilizing a CID investigator named Zakaria Babangida, who conducts investigations and orchestrates arrests.

On May 22, 2024, the circuit court at Dansoman, presided over by Her Lordship Halimah El-Alawa Abdul Baasit, reviewed the case investigated by CID Zakaria Babangida.

The family demands an independent investigation to ensure an unbiased and thorough review of the actions taken by the involved officers. Immediate support and protection, including legal assistance and counseling services, must be provided to the affected families. 

Lastly, the community is rallying together to demand justice and accountability, with a peace protest scheduled soon at Adjiringanor to voice their concerns and call for immediate action.

"We stand united against the abuse of power and the intimidation of our loved ones. We will not rest until justice is served and meaningful reforms are implemented," Anumuda stated.