Stop This 12-year-old Marriage Immediately! - Nana Akomea To Nungua Traditional Council

Nana Akomea has condemned the child marriage in Nungua, where an underage girl has been betrothed to a 63-year-old Ga priest.

The recent report of the Gborbu Wulomo (priest) named Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII being married to a 12-year-old girl in the name of tradition has raised concerns and sparked controversies.

According to a statement by the Ga-Dangbe Council, the Council describes the phenomenon as a "complex issue that requires careful consideration and action."

"..it is not difficult to infer that the significant age difference between the two parties may create an imbalance of power, leading to potential abuse and exploitation. It is essential to acknowledge the legal and ethical implications of marrying a girl who is underage because, in this country, there are strict laws in place to protect minors from exploitation and abuse. By marrying a girl who is not of legal age, the traditional ruler is potentially violating these laws and putting the girl at risk of harm.

"Many have cited the constitution 1992, the Criminal Offences Act and the Children's Act, all dealing with consent to have sex, to be married, defilement of females, and void marriages, which are legitimate concerns, with some even calling for the Police and other State actors to step in. In addition to legal and ethical concerns, there are also societal implications to consider. The traditional ruler's actions have reflected poorly on the Nungua traditional area as well as the Ga-Dangbe community in general, giving detractors the opportunity to denigrate and make us objects of derision. The other concerns are whether, since the ceremony is part of the traditions of Nungua, it should be respected or isolated or given immunity from State laws, that also the Council finds problematic," parts of the statement read.

The Chief Executive Officer of the State Transport Corporation (STC), Nana Akomea, lamented over this betrothal or child marriage, calling for it to be stopped immediately.

Delivering his message on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" morning show, Nana Akomea warned the Gborbu Wulomo and his council, stressing, "even if she is charged to do ritual work, she must still go to school. If that limits her from going to school, you have breached the law. So, it's not only marriage but if you are going to place the child in the shrine to do shrine job and it disturbs her education, you have flouted the laws. One other thing I heard is that as he has married her, it is only when she is 18 years old before he will engage in sexual intercourse with her. Where from this too?"

"In six years, when the child turns 18, how old will the man be?", he asked, stating, "he is 63 years old, so in six years, he will be 69 while his wife is 18 years old. They should stop this; it's inappropriate!"