THEN And NOW: The Effect Of Drugs

A BODYBUILDER who became addicted to meth was left unrecognisable and plagued with health problems as the horrors of the dangerous drug almost ruined his and his families lives.

The devastating before and after photos were shared online by his heartbroken mother who dubbed him the "face of heroin and meth".Cody Gibson went from a thriving and dedicated bodybuilder to a mentally and physically destroyed drug addict in just seven months.

He lost a worrying amount of weight, severely damaged his skin and was left with a badly affected mental state and made homeless.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy - Cody's mum - shared the pictures in 2019 as a wake-up call on the sweeping issues of drug abuse that's been ripping through the US for the last decade.

The difference between the photos is stark, sending a warning to the public about how severe addiction can be.