“Dampare Is A Transformational Leader” - Impressed Ghanaian Praises IGP

The Inspector General of Police of the Ghana Police Service, Dr George Akuffo Damparehas been commended for his effort to transform the service.
A social commentator, Michael Tettey in a Facebook post has described the IGP as a “transformational leader” who cannot be “hated”.
His commendation comes after the police resolved to no longer show or display the faces of suspects who are yet to be convicted.
According to the police, the approach forms part of their effort to become a world-class police organization and the best institution in the country, serving as a reference point in Africa and beyond.
Michal Tettey who is happy about the new approach shared his view on social media and commends the police head.
“Hate him or like him, this current I.G.P. appears to be up to something good; he's really proven to be a transformational leader. For decades if not centuries, many human rights activists have decried the Practice of displaying the faces of suspects who are yet to be convicted on television and newspapers.” He said
Adding that “It's under his regime that this cry has been heard, Article 15 of the constitution categorically states that the dignity of every human being shall be inviolable, it goes on to say that People who are arrested on suspicion of wrongdoing, should not be subjected to degrading or dehumanizing condition and anything that detracts from their humanity. Article 19(1) (c) further states that People arrested on suspicion of wrongdoing are deemed innocent until convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction.
“For crying out loud, these are People, who are yet to go through a trial to ascertain their guilt or otherwise, so it's of no moment, to splash their images all over the media for people to see them. Many of these suspects actually go through trial and are acquitted, so imagine the damage and Public ridicule we would have subjected them to by showing their faces to the Public.”
“COP Dampare deserves tonnes of commendation for standing up for the right of these Poor and hapless suspects, who have been subjected to this embarrassing situation for years without any voice or reason to speak for them. History would indeed be kind to this Professional Policeman.”