Take Good Care Of The Children - Man's Last Words To His Wife Before Committing Suicide In River Tano

A 45-year-old man, Philip Asante, has allegedly committed suicide in the Tano River at Nsawura in the Akontombra Constituency.

His wife, Christina Asante, told journalists that the late husband told them he was attending to nature’s call only for them to be informed that he had drowned.

The wife claimed that after informing her that he was attending to nature, her husband called back home to inform her that she would not be returning home.

According to the wife, her husband then told her to take good care of their children.

The wife called back, but the line did not go through.

A search party went in search of him and was subsequently found in the Tano River dead.

Hon. Emmanuel Adu Amankra, Assemblyman of Nsawura Electoral Area, confirmed the story, saying that on Thursday, two people came to his house and informed him that their man had left the house and called the wife that she should not be concerned about him anymore because he was no longer returning home.

The Assemblyman said he was the one who sanctioned the search party, and the body of the driver was found on Sunday, January 22, 2023.