Reaction As Ghanaian Nurses See Snow For The Very First Time

Adwoa, Freda and Richmond, who work at Kingsbridge Private Hospital on Belfast’s Lisburn Road, experienced the wonder of winter earlier this week with the arrival of a snow shower.

The Ghanaian nurses look as joyous as children as they dance among the snowflakes, smiles beaming across their faces and eyes closed experiencing the pure magic of it.

In their enthusiasm to get outdoors and experience the white stuff, the trio didn’t even bother with coats, just dashed out during their break to feel the snow on their skin.

Photo credit: Belfast Telegraph
The nurses who all work at Kingsbridge’s new Diagnostic and Treatment Centre at the old King’s Hall Building, said they were delighted to see snow for the first time.

Adwoa Aninkora, 26, who has been in Northern Ireland since October 2022 said: “It was beautiful. When you haven’t seen something before it is quite intriguing.

“We missed the first session of snow that day, so when we heard it was snowing again we wanted to see what it was like, so we just ran out in our scrubs.

“I have seen snow in movies, but it was so interesting to touch it.”

Northern Ireland’s weather is, of course, very different to that of Ghana, which enjoys a tropical climate.

“Back home we usually have the sun out most of the time – it rains, yes, but usually we are warm,” said Adwoa.

“In Northern Ireland, it rains a lot. It is usually windy and cold, so it was a bit of a change coming from a tropical country, but you get used to it. I have bought a lot of jackets.”

Adwoa said she had sent the pictures of herself and her colleagues in the snow to her father back in Ghana.

“I sent a post to my dad. He’s been in Northern Ireland before, but being his daughter he was happy for me to experience snow.”