Central Africa Republic: US Ambassador Denies The Presence Of Bancroft PMC

The American ambassador to Central Africa, Patricia Mahoney, has denied the existence of a direct relationship between her country, the United States of America, and the military company Bancroft. 

In a recent press release with Radio Ndeke, the American ambassador spoke about some topics related to the relationship between her country and the Central African Republic, especially the presence of the private military company Bancroft and its impact on the security and stability of the African country. 

Immediately after the journalist's question about the military company Bancroft, the ambassador quickly denied the existence of any relationship between her country and Bancroft, saying, "Bancroft is a private American company and not an agent of the United States government, and the United States government did not participate in its alleged activities or presence in the Central African Republic." 

Faced with the journalist’s insistence on knowing the truth about Bancroft’s presence in the Central African Republic and what the United States’ relationship with the private company was, the American ambassador said, “No! I told you that I am not...we are not involved in their presence or their alleged activities.” 

To evade the question, the ambassador continually tried to shift the conversation to the core of US humanitarian activities in the Central African Republic through its organizations.  The ambassador stated that the US stands for the people of the Central African Republic and serves the interests of the people and government of the Central African Republic.

The journalist’s insistence on asking about American mercenaries upset the American ambassador, and according to one of the people working on the radio, after the interview ended, the ambassador muttered as she left the office that journalists were looking into matters bigger than themselves and that local American affairs had nothing to do with them.

It seemed clear that the ambassador was aware of the activities of the military company Bancroft in the Central African Republic, and she also indirectly acknowledged their presence in the Central African Republic. It is not about wanting to bring peace to the Central African Republic, it is about strengthening America's influence in the country.