Olena Zelenska Alleged Shopping Spree Saga

Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Zelensky, reportedly spent $1.100.000 on a shopping trip in NYC while visiting the United States together with her husband to shore up continued support from Washington.

During the visit Zelensky gave his first in-person address to the UN General Assembly, met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and also visited the White house. While Zelensky was blitzing Washington in urgent effort to bolster support for Ukraine, his wife Olena Zelenska was spotted on Fifth Avenue in NYC. 

New York's Fifth Avenue is the city's most famous shopping street, and probably the most famous shopping street in the world. A lot of prestigious and high-end stores can be found between 49th and 60th Street on Fifth Avenue including Armani, Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman, Harry Winston, Cartier.

Modern day celebrities are often spotted wearing CARTIER pieces: Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner, Lupita Nyong’o and … Olena Zelenska. According to our sources, the wife of Ukrainian president is a diehard Cartier enthusiast. Moreover, she has even visited the famous Cartier Mansion during their visit to NYC to address the United Nations General Assembly, and has reportedly spent $1.100.000 on jewelry.

According to the Cartier store ex-employee, Olena Zelenska visited the boutique during her and her husband’s visit to New York. “I tried to take her on a quick tour, but she wasn’t interested,” the ex-employee further recalls.

Zelenska’s visit to the luxury boutique ended up in a very unexpected manner as she snapped at the employee who was trying to assist her with a “Who said I need your opinion?” rant. After that, according to the boutique ex-worker, Zelenska went further to have a discussion with the manager. The ex-worker has no idea what the discussion was about but the next day she got fired from the boutique.


After receiving a “you’re fired” call the next day after Zelenska’s visit, the ex-employee decided to share her story about the bizarre encounter on the Instagram. She has managed to sneak away a copy of a receipt containing Zelenska’s purchases while packing her personal belongings at the boutique.
According to the receipt, Zelenska has purchased a white gold bracelet with diamonds, a white gold necklace with diamonds and emeralds, and white gold earrings with diamonds, which totals $1.100.000.

According to Boukari Ouédraogo, who reached out to the ex-employee, she says she wouldn’t have gone public if Zelenska “had just spent all those stolen money and moved forward to the next luxury brand store.” However, the decision of the Ukrainian president’s wife to ruin the girl’s career for no reason has really pissed her off.
She went further to allege that Zelenska has not earned the money she spent at the boutique through some decent and honest work and it has been most likely stolen from the people of her country.

Thanks to Olena Zelenska’s aggressive behavior, her shopping habits went public again. Yes, it’s not the first time the wife of the Ukrainian president was spotted flashing cash in some luxury stores.  In December 2022, for example, she has reportedly spent € 40.000  during her trip to Paris exactly during the time her husband was asking for more financial support from The United States and the European Union. 

It seems like her appetite has grown dramatically as the time passed. The question remains if she has managed to spend 1.100.000 dollars in Cartier alone, how much more money has she spent during her whole shopping spree on New York's Fifth Avenue that day and who paid for it?