Ambulance Case: Update On The Cross Examination Of Richard Jakpa

Today (Tuesday, 18th June, 2023), in court, the prosecution, led by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), continued their cross examination of Richard Jakpa, the 3rd accused in the Ambulance case, and these are the relevant highlights:

* Japka was very evasive of the questions he was asked by the prosecution, and where he attempted to answer, he went beating about the bush. The judge, on many occasions, cautioned Japka and reminded him to answer the questions as she could not keep track of his long winding and evasive answers.

* Japka confirmed that he was commissioned in the Ghana Armed Forces in 1998 and got dismissed in 2007 for misconduct/insubordination and the fact that he persistently failed the required intelligence exams. Indeed, he failed the required exams 5 times within 7 years, in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007. He however claimed he was only a victim of victimization by the military high command because they were envious of his exceptional performance as a soldier.

* Japka confirmed in open court that the conversation between him and the AG that is in circulation and which was tendered in court by the accused persons as Exhibit 10, is actually not the full conversation. And that, they only presented the aspects of the conversation that will help their case.

* The prosecution tendered the full complement of WhatsApp messages between Attorney-General and Jakpa. Surprisingly, Japka and his lawyers vigorously objected the tender of the full conversation between him [Jakpa] and the AG. The court to rule on their objection on Thursday, 20th June.

* Japka admitted that he sent 68 WhatsApp messages to the Attorney-General and got only 2 replies from the AG in respect of his [Japka’s] request for a meeting with the AG. This was after Japka obtained the AG’s contact number from his cousin, Justice Kulendi, supposedly to thank the AG for intervening for him [Japka] to be released after he was granted bail following a plea on his behalf by Justice Kulendi.