Krobea Kwabena Asante Sets Record Straight On Tema-Mpakadan Railway Project

Facts on Tema- Mpakadan Railway project; The Genesis and Transition to Revelation.

The feasibility study of the Tema-Mpakadan project to build a multi-modal transportation network connecting the northern part of the country was undertaken by Dar Al Handasah Consultant and financed by the Government of Ghana through the Bank of Economic Development in Africa ( BADEA) in 2007…and submitted in 2009 before it was incorporated into our railway master plan in 2013. So where from the argument that the npp failed to follow through ndc original vision behind the project which NDC had NO idea about?

Again, The Finance Minister in May 2017 sent delegations to India led by Charles Adu Boahen to renegotiate for the interest rate on the loan agreement which was prune down to 6 Months Libor + 1.50% as well as changing the definition of “Buyer” from “Ministry of Transport, Government of the Republic of Ghana” to “the Ghana Railway Development Authority” which augmented the commencement of the project in September 2017… NPP never delayed the project for years.


Now… the original scope of the project captured in the parliamentary Hansard entails the following details which is also at variance with what Sammy Gyamfi want us to believe:


The Project scope originally comprised:

1. Detailed design and construction of 84.832km Single Standard Gauge Railway line from Tema to Akosombo consisting of Formation in cutting and Embankment, Culverts and Bridges for Drainage, Ballast Beds, Track (PSC Sleepers and rails) Grade Separation and Viaducts, 3 No. Tunnels totalling 1.3km, Passenger Station buildings and Ancillary Facilities.

2. Signaling and Communication system for the entire stretch from Tema to Akosombo.

3. ⁠Railheads with basic facilities at Tema and Akosombo.

4. ⁠ Railway Maintenance Facilities near Tema including workshop for basic tools and equipment.

5. ⁠Capacity Building and training of personnel in all aspects of operations and maintenance of the Railway system.

4. REVISED PROJECT DESCRIPTION signed in 2020 also entails the following:

1. Extension of the Railway Line by a further 12.793km from the original termination location of Akosombo to Mpakadan.
2. ⁠ Construction of additional 19 Nos. of grade separator crossing Bridge/ ROB/RUB.

3. Construction of additional 73 Nos. Culverts.

4. ⁠Excavation of about 2.4 million cubic metes of hillocks to develop Mpakadan Railhead facility.

5. Undertake major underground utility relocations.

6. Other unforeseen site conditions that would need to be addressed under the EPC

7. Construction of Special Major Bridge across the Volta River near Senchi.