If Only John Mahama Had Not Been President Before, It Would Have Been Easy To Excuse Some Of His Comments. But …

It is the first Sunday after the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and as I am musing over happenings on our political landscape, I am unable to keep my musings away from ear-piercing statements emanating from under the Umbrella.

As I remain extremely consistent per the directions of my thought processes, the equilibrium of my eardrums continue to hurt because of some of the things penetrating that part of my anatomy.

When I sit and ponder deeply over how a Vice President took over after evil souls now tell us how they “schemed with nature” for a versatile President who was my beloved boss/father/mentor/teacher/confidant, to “give way”, it aches my system that the Vice President became President, just ate all the meat and self-confessed that it is only bare scrawny bones that are left with no possibility of resurrection.

Some of the things the former President lets his tongue loose on, are extremely unpardonable considering the fact that he had the opportunity and did not leave a clean sheet.

Whether the former President is aware of his gaffes or he is doing it deliberately to continue to hurt the NDC (some people believe he is not too concerned about the future of the party), he is the only person who can tell.

However, because some of us are neck-deep into the narrative vis-a-vis the nation’s psyche, we shall continue to delve into the issues dispassionately.

I have also said consistently that, the internal matters of the NDC are of more cardinal importance to me than what happens in political parties I do not belong to because my Bible tells me that I would be called a hypocrite if I fail to take the log out of my eyes so I can see clearly enough to be able to take the speck out of the eyes of my neighbours (Mathew 7:5)

My musing today has to do with the improper manner in which the Leader of the NDC leads attacks on our educational system just to attempt to score fleeting political points that cannot stand any critical thinking.

Why should a former President attack students who have benefited from an Educational System that has made laptops/digital devices available to them to aide learning?

Especially when the facts are out there for all to see/hear that the former President himself promised same when he was in the drivers seat but failed to do so, why should he be quick to insult the intelligence of the recipients by saying that the gadgets are being used to buy their conscience?

I ask again; is it proper for a former President who is desperately seeking re-election to insult the intellectual acumen of our students by saying they are selling their integrity/intelligence to a group of politicians in exchange for laptops?

So, when the former President was making the same promises when he was in the drivers seat, does it mean he wanted to buy the votes of the people who were meant to receive the contraptions?

I know recipients who have no joy in the current state of Ghana’s politics and are very incensed at the group of politicians who are insulting their intelligence.

I also know of teachers and parents who belong to the NDC but are not happy with the former President for attacking the integrity of their students and children respectively.

Late last year, the selfsame former President, falsely accused teachers and students of colluding to cheat in the final exams hence the upping of the good performance percentage.

Why would a former President deliberately court public opprobrium by falsely accusing students and teachers of cheating in exams when there is NO concrete evidence to support his false claims?

Is the former President not aware that already there exists heavy information to the effect that given another opportunity, he would consciously scrap the Free SHS policy just to bury a policy began by his political enemies?

If you are being accused of planning to cancel Free SHS and you continue to attack students and teachers, surely, it would just feed into the narrative that you will scrap the policy if you get the opportunity.

As captioned; if the maker of these vile statements had not been President before, it would have been excusable but when you have been in the drivers seat before, ate all the meat you inherited from your hardworking boss who was forced to “give way” by gloating greedy bastards/evil dwarfs, threw the scrawny bones at us with your “I am a dead goat that fears no knife” infuriating mantra, how do you expect right-thinking souls to applaud your loose talks?

God has been good to me and I got a humbling opportunity to work for a Presidential Candidate and President so for goodness sake, I know how to identify it when a Presidential Candidate is making the kinds of statements that shall not inure to his party’s benefit.

Nobody hates anyone; some of us have just decided that we are unable to degrade ourselves nor sell our conscience for very parochial political expediency so we shall NOT defend the indefensible.

From a pure Public Relations perspective, I am not surprised in the least that majority of NDC members have chosen to stay away from discussing the wild goofs/gaffes of the Leader of our Party because it is becoming increasingly suicidal to continue skating on very thin ice.

Mr. Former President, just remember that “Heaven helps those who help themselves”.

We the intercessors for the nation are praying for, Divine Intervention, and we know that God shall make all things beautiful in His own chosen time.


Samuel Koku Anyidoho

(Nationalist, Politician & Theologian)