Kwadwo Nsafoah Poku Writes: Why Is Nobody Questioning The Big Push Policy Proposed By Mahama?

May I please ask why nobody is questioning the Big Push policy proposed by former President Mahama? Economists, financial experts, journalists, and fellow Ghanaians who have examined this policy remain silent.

It's as if it's acceptable to say, "I will make pigs fly when I am president." We all turn a blind eye and say nothing. No one has taken the initiative to inquire about how he plans to raise $7 billion in today's market.

Ghana is currently under an IMF program until 2026. Considering that the government is continuous, if he were to assume the presidency in 2025, he would only have 2 years outside the IMF during his four-year term.

According to our constitution, former President Mahama can only serve for four years. Let's please ask the NDC how their leader intends to borrow $7 billion in just two years.

We have all witnessed the challenges in securing even $3 billion from the IMF. The truth is that this policy is not feasible.

Why does a president seeking a single term want to borrow so much ??