Ignore Propadanda Against Dr. Bryan Acheampong

Some opposition elements have been vociferous on their criticisms of government for what they term as selling some hotels to Hon. Dr. Bryan Acheampong, owner of Rock City Hotel.

Let it be emphatically stated that these facilities are not being given to Bryan Acheampong in the manner that they are propagating it. These are the facts of the matter;

The Rawlings regime divested most of the Nkrumah era catering rest houses in the country. Sold mostly to NDC cronies. Alhaji Hudu Yayaha bought the Tamale Catering Rest House. The Sunyani Catering rest house was sold to Oti Yeboah who was a member of NDC.

Mr. J. Stanley Owusu, a staunch member of the NDC and a waste management contractor in Kumasi, bought 75% of the Kumasi Catering Rest House with SSNIT holding the remaining 25%. As we speak, the Kumasi Catering Rest House has collapsed. Rock City made an offer to J Stanley Owusu to buy thier shares and same offer was made to SSNIT. They both agreed and sold the Kumasi facility to Rock City 3 years ago. Rock City Intends to redevelop it as Rock City Kumasi with 300 rooms and world class conference and entertainment facilities.

SSNIT advertised for partners for her hotels since majority of their hotel portfolio had collapsed. We all know the state of La Palm Royal Hotel, Elmina Beach, Busia Beach, and Takoradi Rest Lodge. Labadi and Ridge Royal are relatively stable.

Advertisements were run in the media for investors to come on board. Indeed an international competitive bid for that matter. On the first advert, no company showed interest. They advertised again, and 7 Ghanaian companies showed some interest. For 15 months, they are still going through the processes to select a partner to help them redevelop their hotels. Rock City Hotel is one of the Ghanaian hotels that has shown interest in the partnership. The process is not complete.

Rock City Hotel has the wherewithal to develop these facilities. It is the biggest hotel in Africa with 3,000 rooms under development. 1,000 completed with more conference rooms-129 than any location on planet earth.

With such a strength and record, it is not out of place for Rock City Hotel to invest in these hotel facilities in the country. I pray Rock City wins.